Lifestyle changes will depend on the cause. Exercise, food plan, weight, and stress can all play a role. It may take some time for a period to come back after changes are made.

Balance the Intensity of Your Workout Routine (if needed)

Intense exercise can stop a period. Easing workout schedules may make changes alone. It does not mean a complete stop, but finding a better balance.

Competitive athletes may need to continue their schedule. Periods will often return once training is done or during offseason. They can ask their doctor if any steps are needed to protect overall health.

Stay at the Right Weight and Level of Body Fat

Too much or too little fat can affect the period.

A doctor or dietitian can help make an eating and activity plan to lose weight. A period may return once a healthy weight is reached. Rapid weight gain or loss can also cause problems. Avoid extreme plans that cause rapid changes in weight.

Lower Your Stress Levels

High levels of stress can cause changes in your periods. Relaxation can help. Steps may include:

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